Here are some notes we put together a few years ago about how to get a book repaired:

To find an experience bookbinder

– call the local library
– call the local museum
– look in the yellow pages under “bookbinders”

To assess the bookbinder’s skills:

– ask for training, credentials, and extent of experience
– ask to see examples of work
– ask for references, and do not hesitate to call the references to see if they were pleased with the work


Costs depend on the extent of the repair needed and the time required. Often there are alternative solutions. Most repair work is highly skilled hand work and therefore expensive. For example, repair of a family Bible often costs several hundred dollars. Experienced bookbinders will be able to give an estimate.

Interim precautions to take:

Do not:

– use adhesive tape
– use paper clips
– use rubber bands
– use string


– keep the book away from the light, heat and moisture
– wrap the book snugly in clean paper
– tie the hook up with flat tape or ribbon