There are three calendars you’ll want to look at to determine when/whether the space is being used:

CBBAG – this shows all the bookings from the CBBAG side for both workshops and other events. If the booking is for a workshop then we do expect exclusive use. Kari has recently changed the bookings for workshops to include setup time prior to the workshop as well.

Paperhouse workshops – this shows all the bookings for Paperhouse workshops. Just as for CBBAG workshops, Paperhouse expects exclusive use during these times.

Master Paperhouse – this shows all the activities that might be going on in the space. Unless the event specifically indicates it, there isn’t an expectation of exclusive use. If you do notice that the event includes “beating” that is an indication that the Hollander beater used for processing pulp will be being used. The beater is loud when it is running.

All the keyholders from Paperhouse and CBBAG are expected to check the calendars before planning a trip to the space. We are allowed, though, to make mistakes. 🙂 If you accidentally are there when it is booked for exclusive use by someone else, please leave as quickly as you can. Similarly, if you find another keyholder there when you need exclusive use, let them know and you can expect them to leave quickly as well.

If you don’t have access to any of these calendars or questions about how to interpret them or any other issues with the scheduling of the space please contact James Spyker (