James Spyker hosts an open studio most Thursday evenings. The bindery will be open for CBBAG members from 6:00 till 10:30. It will be a chance for you to work on your own projects but James will be around to answer questions and give advice. He’s had lots of experience making mistakes and sometimes figuring out how to recover from them.

Or if you don’t feel like working and just want to come by for a visit or a chat, that is perfectly great too!

If we are lucky we’ll be sharing the space with some Paperhouse friends during these evenings too. They may be making paper or joining in on the bookmaking fun.

If you do come to work we do welcome PWYC donations (up to $10) to help cover the rent.

Any Thursdays that we need to cancel will be posted on this site, but if you want to double check that it is running don’t hesitate to check with James by text/phone at 416 577 7727 or email jspyker@2x4group.com

If you are planning to arrive later on (after 9pm) you’ll want to get in touch with James to let him know. Although we’re happy to stay around till 10:30 to give people a chance to get lots of work done, if everyone else is done and gone, we might shut down early.