Notes for CBBAG folks using the calendars shared between Paperhouse and CBBAG to manage the bindery space in Toronto

1) If you feel you need exclusive use of the bindery space then you should contact Kari. She manages all of our exclusive bookings

2) If you just need non-exclusive use (e.g. want to come in early to do prep for a class) then include the word non-exclusive in the title of your event.

3) If you are booking somewhat last minute (just a week or two before the booking) then send a note to just to let them know about the booking.

4) Sometimes Paperhouse will need to use their beater to prepare pulp for papermaking. Often they will include the work “beating” in the title of the event but if their event has anything to do with preparing for a class then be aware that the beater may be running. We can certainly be in the space with the beater is running, it is just loud. 🙂

5) You should have access to two calendars from Paperhouse. These are Master Paperhouse and Paperhouse Workshops. If you don’t have access to these calendars send an email to jspyker@2x4group to request access.

Any other questions, feel free to reach out to me at